Types of Basement Construction

What Materials Were Used to Build Your Basement?

Various materials can be used when building a basement, however there are three main types of basement construction: poured concrete, block or masonry walls, and precast panels.

basement constructionPoured concrete

A poured concrete basement is the most common and the building method most people prefer.

This type of basement construction starts by pouring the footing for the basement foundation.

After these are set, forms are used to hold the poured concrete wall in place as they dry. Poured concrete walls tend to be stronger than other types of basement walls.

Block or masonry walls

Block or masonry walls are the least expensive basement construction method. This type of basement wall construction is made from cinder blocks.

Masonry walls require less time than other methods of basement construction.

To increase the durability, steel rebar is sometimes used to reinforce the masonry wall.

Precast panels

Precast panel basement wall construction is the method where the walls are molded at another location. Then the walls are transported to the building and placed on footers.

No matter what type of basement you may have, each type has its own sets of problems that can arise.

Concrete Foundation Repair Solutions

basement foundation repair

No matter what type of basement problem you may be having, the contractors at My Foundation Repairs have the solutions.

We use only the best products manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leader in foundation repair products in the industry.

To repair bowing basement walls, the contractors at My Foundation Repairs uses helical tieback anchors to pull the wall back to its original angle. These helical tieback anchors also strengthen the wall so that there won’t be any future bowing or leaning.

Wall plate anchors are used to provide supplemental lateral force to stabilize basement walls and retaining walls. These wall plate anchors have a simple effective design which allows the repair to be completed quickly. There is minimal disturbance to landscaping.

For any of your concrete foundation repair needs, let the professionals at My Foundation Repairs offer you the best repair solution for your needs. With our experience and using the best products in the industry, you can be assured that the repair will last a lifetime.

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