What Are Plate Anchors Used for in Foundation Repairs?

Understanding what plate anchors are, and what they are used for can help homeowners better understand the foundation repair process.

plate anchor

Anchors Repair Bowing and Cracked Foundation Walls.

Our contractors use ECP Plate Anchors for bowed and cracked foundation walls. They are an economical repair method for providing supplemental lateral force to help stabilize foundations impacted by hydrostatic pressure.

Hydrostatic pressure refers to water pressure on the exterior of the foundation. This pressure is a major concern because it often leads to a failing foundation, as well as basement flooding.

Hydrostatic pressure happens when the soil surrounding your foundation saturates with water. This can happen if your property slopes toward your foundation, instead of away from it. When the soil surrounding your home is saturates with water, it weighs more. Therein, creating tons of pressure on your foundation. If left uncorrected, this will cause your foundation to crack horizontally. A horizontal foundation crack is a tell-tale sign of foundation failure.

Benefits of Installing Plate Anchors

To help counteract hydrostatic pressure contractors will install the anchors in affected walls. These anchors easily install with portable equipment. The installation process is fairly quick, and in most cases is complete within a single day. The installation process begins with sod removal and soil excavation in small areas where the anchors will be located. After excavation, the contractor will drive the rod into the wall from the inside. Once the rod is securely in the wall, the earth and wall anchors can be attached, torqued, and seated. This installation process creates little to no disturbance to the landscaping because the soil is immediately returned to its original location upon completion.

Ready for Repairs?

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