What Crawlspace Repair Methods are Available?

If You are Having Problems in Your Crawlspace, Here are Solutions

You are most likely reading this because you have discovered that you are having problems in your crawlspace. Perhaps you have moisture or mold growth. Maybe you have noticed sagging floors. It could be simple, such as high humidity. So, your question is “What are the crawlspace repair methods available to me, and which one do I need?” At My Foundation Repairs, we have the answers to those questions, and can connect you with a crawlspace repair contractor to guide you through the process.

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There is an Option That is Right For You

There are several options for crawlspace repairs. You may need only one, or a combination of different methods to help solve the problem that you are having, and your contractor can customize the solution to your needs.

Vapor barrier: In this process, professionals will secure sheets of polyurethane vapor barrier (also called a moisture barrier) over the soil in the crawlspace, keeping moisture out.

Sump Pumps: Your repair specialist will install a sump pump in the lowest part of the crawlspace. Water naturally flows toward the area and collects in a tube. Water travels from the tube into a sump basin where it is directed out of the home. If you already have a sump pump it can be checked that it is functioning properly.

Dehumidifiers: You can control air quality with a dehumidifier. If you are having problems with humidity and moisture it will keep your crawlspace dry.

Diverters: In this method, your contractor creates a trench and pipe system that controls and directs water away from the crawlspace, where it empties into a drain tile or French drain.

Crawlspace encapsulation: Your crawlspace is fully encapsulated in polyurethane sheeting. The sheeting covers the soil floor, walls, and often the ceiling. This method prevents moisture from entering the floor above and the house beyond. It is considered a comprehensive solution to moisture and mold problems.

Connect to a Contractor to Determine the Right Crawlspace Repair Methods are Right For You

At My Foundation Repairs, we specialize in connecting you with a crawlspace repair contractor in your area that can guide you through your repair needs. Now that you know more about the methods that are available to you, we can connect you to a professional with the skills and experience to help you! Contact us at 888-611-1527 to find a contractor in your area, and get your crawlspace back in shape. Safe and dry for years to come!