What's the difference between helical piers and helical piles?

When it comes to foundation solutions, there are a lot of different types of piers and piles available. So, which is the best option for your project? In this blog post, we will compare helical piers and helical piles to help you decide which solution is right for you.

Helical piers are a type of deep foundation solution that uses helical-shaped anchors to grip the soil. The anchors are screwed into the ground and provide support for the structure above. Helical piles are similar to helical piers, but they use a steel shaft instead of an anchor to penetrate the soil.

So, when should you use helical piers and when should you use helical piles? Helical piers are typically used in soft soils, while helical piles are more suited for harder soils. Additionally, helical piers can be used to support lighter loads, while helical piles can support heavier loads.

The difference between Helical Piers and Piles Graphic

What kind of jobs use helical piers?

Helical piers are often used for foundation repair, as they can stabilize a sinking foundation. They can also be used for new construction projects in soft soils, or to install basement walls.

What kind of jobs use helical piles?

Helical piles are most commonly used in heavy construction projects, such as roads and bridges. They can also be used for foundation support, as well as in marine construction projects.

If you're not sure which solution is right for you, contact a foundation specialist for help. They will be able to assess your project and recommend the best pier or pile solution for your needs.