When is the Best Time to Get My Foundation Repaired?

Have you been noticing issues around your home that may be signs of foundation problems? Maybe you have cracks in your walls that you’re afraid will get bigger, or maybe you’ve noticed that your chimney is separating from your home. These issues can feel very time-sensitive to a homeowner, but when is the best time to get your foundation repaired?

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The great thing about scheduling your foundation repair in the fall is that it’s still warm enough for external repairs, like sealing exterior foundation cracks or installing helical piers without having to fight against frozen soil. Everyone is pretty much done with summer vacation, so if you can time your scheduling just right, you won’t have to worry about planning around any trips.

The downside is that fall is the optimal time to get work done before winter cold sets in. Many homeowners will be scheduling their foundation repairs in early fall to avoid dealing with foundation problems in the winter. As fall gets closer to winter, it becomes harder to do work outside so if you have any exterior issues, early fall is the best time to get your foundation repairs scheduled.


Yes, dealing with exterior foundation damage in the winter can be a nightmare, but interior repairs like repairing the cracks in your basement wall or installing a sump pump to help with waterproofing are perfect for colder winter months. Winter is usually when many contractors experience lower customer volumes, so you may struggle less to get your appointment scheduled. However, the holiday season can make it difficult to pinpoint the right time for repairs. Also, if any installations or repairs have to be done around your HVAC, the unit may need to be turned off or removed. This can be dangerous depending on where you live because it will result in the loss of much-needed heat, as well as an increased risk of frozen pipes.


It will come as no surprise that many contractors see the most work for foundation repairs come in once spring hits. Homeowners are eager to be outside after being cooped up all winter, so they’re more likely to notice foundation problems around the exterior of their home, like sinkholes, uneven porch stairs or stoops, or signs that the foundation is sinking. Foundation repairs are most needed during the spring because spring rains cause soil expansion, which is one of the main causes of foundation damage.

Of course, spring rains bring mud, which can make it difficult for contractors to get work done. Additionally, as everyone notices their foundation damage, they want to get scheduled as quickly as possible to get the issues fixed, which can result in contractors being extremely busy in the spring months. Having to turn off your HVAC for repairs can also be dangerous in spring for those with allergies as keeping the windows open for air circulation can make it difficult to breathe.


Summertime is one of those great months for foundation repairs because the soil is warm, making it easier for any excavation or external work that needs to be done. Like spring, foundation damage is also plainer to see in the summer because everyone is spending time outside and noticing more issues around their house. However, finding the time to schedule foundation repairs when you’re also planning summer vacations can be a hassle.

The Best Time of Year for Foundation Repair

Every family is different and there is no one right way to decide when to schedule your foundation repairs. Depending on the severity of your foundation problems, putting them off another season could be disastrous. Every season has its ups and downs but the most important thing is to make the right decision for your situation. If you have questions or concerns about the best time to schedule someone to take a look at your foundation damage, contact an experienced foundation repair contractor to do a foundation inspection and assessment. Together, you can make the right decision for your foundation and hopefully prevent any additional issues from cropping up over time.

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