Why Do-it-Yourself Crack Injections Fail

As a homeowner, cracks in your foundation can be worrisome. While not all cracks are signs of structural failure, all cracks should be assessed and repaired by a professional. There are two types of cracks, dormant and active. Dormant cracks may have been patched with cement grout or mortar. This can be effective until water build-up occurs or any unexpected movement occurs. Active cracks are still moving and require a sealant to be flexible if it is to be effective. Actively moving cracks need to be addressed carefully and completely. Crack injections should not be performed by homeowners, no matter how small the crack might appear. Learn more about why crack injections fail.

foundation crack graphic

Why Crack Injections Fail

The Wrong Product was Used for the Problem

Many times, crack injections fail because the wrong product was used for the problem. Epoxy injections should be used for smaller cracks and is meant to “weld” concrete back together. When epoxy is used correctly, it permanently repairs cracks and restores structural integrity to the walls.

On the other hand, polyurethane foam fills and repairs wider cracks. Polyurethane foam has a wide variety of uses, and is the best solution for active leaks. The foam expands to fill any voids, and hardens to provides permanent results.

Crack Injection Kit from the Store Won’t Solve Foundation Problems

If you are a homeowner that has tried to repair cracks with a crack injection kit, it’s likely that the product type wasn’t the best solution for the actual problem. Additionally, the quality of kits sold in stores aren’t professional-grade crack repair products, and are typically designed to provide a short-term solution.

Foundation Cracks are a Result of Other Problems

Last but not least, crack injections can “fail” if cracks are a result of foundation movement. If your foundation in continually moving, cracks can expand, and new cracks can also form. Repairing the cracks may solve leaks here and there, but if you are noticing that crack injections aren’t working, you may have other foundation problems on your hands.

Fail-Proof Foundation Repairs

If you notice cracks in your foundation walls or floors or have crack injection failure, contact us today. Our contractors will assess your foundation and develop a repair plan that gives you lasting results. Our partnerships with foundation repair companies ensures that these contractors are properly trained in crack injection.