Why is Fixing My Crawl Space Important?

Homeowners may think the crawl space is just a place under a home, but it actually has a very specific purpose. Crawl spaces help circulate air throughout your home, keeping the air inside your home fresh and homey, preventing any unwanted odor from permeating into your everyday lives. That’s why a dirty or damp crawl space can turn a liveable home into a living nightmare very quickly.

Crawl space repair is important because it fixes issues that can seriously affect your family. There are many problems that can crop up in a crawl space, but there are also ways to address each of these issues so that they’re no longer a problem.

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Get Rid of Water Problems

One of the biggest problems in your crawl space is moisture. Since crawl spaces are the only things separating your home from the ground, they’re the first thing that gets affected in a flood or if there’s too much condensation. Excessive moisture in your crawl space emanates from the soil itself and can lead to serious health hazards like mold and mildew. Pets and insects that are attracted to dark, damp places are also a concern when it comes to too much moisture in your crawl space.

Crawl space encapsulation is a great solution for moisture because it creates a barrier between the soil and the rest of your crawl space. A high-efficiency vapor barrier keeps moisture from creeping into your crawl space and inviting all of those issues that accompany too much water. Installing a drainage system once the crawl space is encapsulated is also important as it provides a backup measure against floods and excessive water damage.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Crawl spaces help the airflow in your home, assisting clean air to cycle through each room. When your crawl space is dirty, damp, or has mildew or mold, the air that comes through your home instantly turns dangerous. In some cases, those pests we mentioned earlier can leave behind droppings or go into your crawl space to die, which can stink up your home with disgusting smells that will make your family sick.

Cleaning your crawl space regularly can help discourage pests and insects from setting up residence there, as well as removing any dust or other allergens that cause respiratory problems. It may seem like crawl space waterproofing is just to keep moisture out of your crawl space, but a vapor barrier is the first line of defense in keeping those pests and other problems out of your crawl space. Once the vapor barrier is in place, you can help keep your crawl space dry and free of irritants with a dehumidifier or a sump pump.

Saves Money in the Long Run

Crawl space repair is worth so much more than the peace of mind you get when you know that your space is clean and protected. By investing in crawl space repair, you will:

  • Save money on exterminator bills because pests and insect infestations will no longer be a problem
  • Increase your energy savings with a more energy-efficient crawl space. A clean, sealed crawl space keeps cold air out in the winter and cool air in during the summer.
  • Cut down on maintenance costs because you’ll be reducing the amount of obstacles your repair person may encounter when they go into your crawl space to address electrical wiring, plumbing, or air ducts.
  • Save on crawl space repair costs. By investing now and installing preventive measures, you’re saving money on any water damage that will be prevented with crawl space repair.

Start Your Crawl Space Repair Today

All of these crawl space issues threaten the safety and stability of your home. Moisture can lead to wood rot, termites, cracks in your foundation walls, rusted plumbing, and many more issues. Crawl space repair is important because it addresses these issues before they cause bigger problems, saving you money and peace of mind.

Contact My Foundation Repairs today to get a free quote for crawl space repair. We can help you identify your crawl space issues, the best course of action, and preventative methods that meet your family’s budget and situation.

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